Who are the creators of myTE?
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I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?
To reset your password, go to password reset.
How secure is myTE?
myTEprof.com uses SSL encryption, the same encryption process as online banking.
Who has access to my data?
Only two people have access to your data: yourself and the program administrator IT specialist. See our privacy policy for more information.
How do I let my learners know they can evaluate my teaching encounter?
Once you register a new teaching encounter with myTE, an email is automatically sent to your account email that includes details of your teaching encounter that you can either print out or forward to your learners.
Can learners be identified?

myTE recognizes the high importance of maintaining anonymity in a safe learning environment. myTE has two measures of ensuring this.

First, learners can evaluate anonymously by choosing "Evaluate Anonymously" on the home page.

Secondly, once received, evaluations are collated and only released if there are at least four. This is of a similar or higher standard than many currently used institutional evaluation methods.

Why don't I see my evaluations?
Evaluations are only released if there are at least four per encounter topic.
What if I only have 1-2 students at my learning encounters?
You can collate evaluations by using the same "Topic" name. For example, if teaching "lumbar puncture" with 1-2 learners, by labelling all your "lumbar puncture" teaching with the same title, myTE can group topics with the same name. This will allow you to collate all your "lumbar puncture" teaching to reach >=4 evaluations. This can be done with any teaching encounter. Popular examples include "ER shift" or "Ambulatory clinic."
Can I review my evaluations using other criteria?
Yes, you can group talks based on any of the criteria you used to create your talk, i.e. Date, Duration, Skill Set, Number of Learners, Education Level or Location. The "Group by" dropdown menu is found at the top of the "Portfolio" page.
Can I email my evaluations to myself/others?
Yes. Go to the "Portfolio" page and review your teaching encounters. Choose "View summary" to summarize all within the current date range filter, or choose a "Group by" option other than Date. Click a row in the table to see the summarized results. On the Evaluation Results page, click "Send this report to my email" (top right). This button is only available when there are at least 4 respondents. These results will be sent to your account email address and can be printed from your email or forwarded to others.
I have forgotten my numeric code for my teaching encounter. Where can I find it?
You can find all of your teaching encounters on the "Portfolio" page. The "Encounter ID" is the number you want.
I still have questions about myTEprof and I need to speak with someone. Who can I reach out to?
If this is a technical issue, please contact help@myteprof.com. For any other enquiries, please contact admin@myteprof.com.