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Dr. Bui is a neurologist, clinician educator, and assistant professor at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. Her education research includes award winning and internationally recognized work such as a real-time assessment tool of opportunistic teaching (myTEProf), game theory for EEG training, imposter syndrome in medical education, and the creation of Canada’s first accredited Women’s Neurology training program. myTEProf (MyTeachingEvaluationProfessional) is a tool that was conceptualized and created when Dr. Bui observed that more than 50% of her teaching was never accounted for or evaluated. She was told early in her career that “if teaching was not evaluated, it’s as if it was never done.”

Committed to making positive change for future teachers, she created myTEProf. Since 2012, she has worked closely with Darren Hefferon, expert IT specialist in a collaboration that has created a versatile, simple-to-use, secure, universal tool that can capture the seemingly incapturable moments of real-world encounter-based teaching. These moments are the moments that define many teachers.

Launched in 2018, myTE.org and now myTEProf has 854 registered users in Canada, US, Europe, Asia and South Asia. Clinical teachers around the world use this platform to elevate their teaching portfolio with > 6000 processed evaluations and growing. Dr. Bui's work in developing myTEProf has garnered the William Goldie Award in Education and the Wightman-Berris Academy Anderson Award in Program Innovation and Development. As people learn about myTEProf, its utility is expanding to both clinical and non-clinical (research) teaching. myTEProf is currently accepted as an evaluation tool in the Department of Medicine, University of Toronto for Annual Academic Reviews, Continuing Faculty Appointment Reviews (CFAR), Junior Promotions, Senior Promotions as well as the University of Toronto graduate programs such as Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation.

More information on Dr. Bui's work can be found at EstherBui.com

Collaborator, IT Specialist

Darren Hefferon is a programmer and system administrator at Sunnybrook Emergency Department. For over fifteen years he has been instrumental in developing and maintaining clinical applications focusing on quality improvement and scientific research within the Ontario healthcare industry. His contributions through digital programming innovations have resulted in real-world, real-time improvement to workflow as well as numerous publications in the field of research listed below. In 2017, his work on the “Emergency Department Kiosk” at Sunnybrook Hospital was recognized by the Health Standards Organization for the Leading Practice Award.